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Pumpd Active 10+pH Alkaline Water 12x750ml


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Pumpd Active 10+pH Alkaline Water is processed by reverse osmosis and undergoes carbon and micro filtration, UV and ozone treatment. This is a rigorous purification process that ensures you get the cleanest and purest water possible. Then we add organic trace minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium to reach stable 10+pH levels.

Pumpd Active 10+ is one of the only alkaline drinking waters currently on the market that does not use an electrical process (i.e. electrolysis) to produce high alkaline water. Many alkaline drinking waters on the market use electrolysis to raise the alkalinity of the water. (Some even use chemical additives to raise the alkalinity.)

Therefore; for drinking water to remain alkaline, ionic minerals need to be infused into the water. That’s where Pumpd Active 10+ steps in. Pumpd Active 10+ does not use an electrical charge in producing high pH water. It maintains a high stable pH, because ionic minerals, such as, Ca++, Mg++, K+, & Na+, are infused into the water through a proprietary process, therefore, raising the pH of Pumpd Active 10+ to between 10 and 11.

pH: 10.6

TDS: 40 ppm





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Lion 10+pH Alkaline Active Sports Water
750 ml Bottle | Case of 12x 750 ml Bottle

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