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Pumpd Water not only results in a great tasting water, but one with a high 10+ pH level that is optimized to help restore the body’s natural balance. The human body runs most efficiently at its natural pH level of 7.4.

Pumpd Active Water comes from the same municipal source and is then processed by reverse osmosis, carbon and micro filtration, UV and ozone treatment. This is a rigorous purification process that ensures you get the cleanest and purest water possible. Then we add organic Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium to reach stable 10+pH levels. Pumpd Active Water is bottled exclusively with 100% clean recycled BPA-free plastic.

Pumpd Performance Water uses the same process as Pumpd Active but further undergoes a revolutionary electrolysis process to increase the solubility of oxygen in water. This process results in purified water that contains up to 400% the amount of dissolved oxygen as compared to untreated water. Pumpd Performance Water improves oxygen delivery through the circulatory system by promoting more efficient oxygen transfer through the plasma resulting in advanced hydration. Pumpd Performance Water is bottled exclusively with 100% clean recycled BPA-free plastic.

Pumpd Eau D’Crystal Water originates from the beautiful Heatherwood Springs. This spring is bountiful, luscious and part of the collection of springs found in Crystal River Preserve, located in West Central Florida. It originates from deep within the limestone rich Floridian Aquifer. This source generates one of America’s most natural spring water. With an amazing natural average pH of over 8.0+, Eau D’Crystal is truly one of nature’s finest and rarest treasures. Eau D’Crystal is fresh, native and balanced. Our 100% spring water is guaranteed to be bottled at the source without any artificial modifications or alterations. Our water is contained in a classic French Veralia Ecova Bottle to keep the integrity of the taste. It is distinct, elegant, and fresh on the palate. This attributes to its distinct taste and exclusive high quality and that’s why we call it the “Champagne of Water”

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